Caramello Koala

Published June 24, 2012 by fatimalrubaie

Caramello koala is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury Australia. It consists of a chocolate cartoon shaped koala with a caramel center. The chocolate bar is sold in two sizes: the 20 gram size and the “Giant” 40 gram size, usually sold as a fundraiser.

Caramello Koala was introduced to Australia as the Caramello Bear in 1966. A 20 g Caramello Koala contains 415 kJ of energy and 5.5 g of fat. 40 million Caramello Koalas are sold in Australia each year, making the product the second most popular in the Australian children’s confectionery market, after the Freddo Frog.

I believe that this chocolate is a delicious fun sized treat. It is a great snack for everyone big or small. The best part to the Koala I think is the gooey caramel in the centre of the chocolate. It is smooth and flowing and gives you a good feeling inside. I will give this scrumptious desert a star rating of:


2 comments on “Caramello Koala

  • lol yeah i agree with zena but…are they on special or something because everyone is eating them! like seriously even me ahhaa its helps while studying and also helps gai wait LOL 😛

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