Published June 20, 2012 by fatimalrubaie

2012is a 2009 American thrilling disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich. It was released on November 11, 2009 and is 158 minutes long. $200 million was used to make this fantastic movie.

This film is about Dr. Adrian Helmsley, geologist that finds out that solar flares are heating up the Earth’s core. This gets the government of the United States of America worried because this may lead to many natural distasters occuring frequently. Its too late when the world starts to change more than the scientists and governments expected. The crust of the Earth becomes unstable causing deep cracks to occur leaving hundreds of people falling and dying. Dr. Adrian needs to find a way to protect his family as well as face angry mother nature.

The main actors/characters of this movie include:

  • John Cusack as Jackson Curtis
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr. Adrian Helmsley
  • Amanda Peet as Kate Curtis
  • Liam James as Noah Curtis
  • Morgan Lily as Lilly Curtis
  • Thomas McCarthy as Dr. Gordon Silberman
  • Danny Glover as Thomas Wilson
  • Thandie Newton as Dr. Laura Wilson
  • Oliver Platt as Carl Anheuser
  • Zlatko Burić as Yuri Karpov
  • Beatrice Rosen as Tamara
  • Alexandre and Philippe Haussmann as Alec and Oleg Karpovi
  • Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost

I think this is a fantastic thriller movie. It is like an epic adventure that never stop. I  gurantee at the end of this movie, you will be on the edge of your chair and all your nails have been bitten. I recommend this movie to everyone that loves thrilling movie. I give it a star rating of:


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